Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A Week Of Freedom

So I'm just evaluating my week of being natural NO WEAVE NO RELAXER NO MAKE UP and I must admit the thought of it initially made me uneasy, I was worried at the thought of having to look at my reflection and be dissatisfied was daunting. To be honest most like woman I'm always singling out bits I don't like from my elfin ears to the gap in my teeth.

From a young age I've been image conscious, school mornings began with a ritual of 2 hours of hair prep and styling followed by make up some may say its ridiculous but I had to be ready for my public, others had an expectation of me that I had to maintain and ponytails on a bad hair day were unacceptable and ignited queries regarding the state of my hair.

For many years my crowning glory has been masked with weaves and altered by relaxer which after some time takes its toll on the hair line; Super model Naomi Campbell is a victim of traction alopecia and I wish to not suffer the same fate. The only way to prevent it is to let me hair be free.

During this time I reflected on how my hair represents me and my identity. With arguments or debates justify the replacement of curls, kinks and 'fro's by relaxed poker straight hair and weaves that mimic asian, hispanic and european I honestly believe it about conformity.

Working in a hair salon myself I often hear false promises of clients claiming they will stop relaxing their hair but the truth is they won't. I struggled with the hair task myself, made to feel like my hair isn't acceptable or beautiful by on the whole black woman.

As the week came to end I grew more fond of my textured hair, I have however returned to chocolate long waves but when I have more length I will proudly parade my own hair.

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  1. It's worth it in the end. I always felt like I blended in yet stuck out when I pressed my hair (haven't has a relaxer in 3 years). But it really is worth it when you stop!


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