Sunday, 14 October 2012

Open Diary: Letter to my Young Self

Hi all,

I know I have been really really really naughty... but I can promise to change anymore. I am so busy I do not have time for blogging. I only have time for my stomach and my bed. I do not even tweet as much anymore. I still have not found a routine that work for me outside of work, I do not really mind, I am no longer a socializer... not that I ever was come to think of it, I never really enjoyed going out, I always got tired and wish I never went. I guess I am just an old soul. 

In this months Glamour magazine, three actresses wrote a letter to their young selves. And although I am only 22 years old, (it was my birthday last week 06-10-90 --- YAY!) I feel like I have learnt so much I would want to tell my teenage self. Lets start with the first five, 

1.     You are a very lucky girl, you have a great family and a couple of good friends, be content, when you get older, you will realise that people change, let them, people will move on, do not hang on, most good things come to an end, cherish the good memories instead of creating unpleasant ones.

2.     You do not have to always be strong. Show people your vulnerable side they know you are human. When you are sad, say so, when you want to cry, do cry, carrying too much load will make you more vulnerable than you ever thought was possible.

3.     All guys too not have a hidden agenda; trust more, it will make things easier. Stop the silly games, because in the end you will loose when it’s your fault.

4.     You know what is right do it. Understand that people choose to change you cannot make them change. If he doesn’t act right, he isn’t right. Your gut knows more than you give her credit for listen to her, she will not steer you wrong.

5.     Life is not an open plan, its full of surprises and no matter how much you try, you can never get every detail correct, enjoy it as much as possible, have faith, believe that God has a plan for you, he has brought you this far, he will see you through. There are much more I would like to tell young Nana... Hopefully I will. I hope you have all had a great week, and are enjoying the month.  

Happy Sunday x

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. I love this statement: 'Life is not an open plan, its full of surprises'

    I will try to write a letter to my young self soon.

  2. So ironic I bought that magazine yesterday, mainly because of the price, 'no shame' But I agree with your #5 the most. when I was 21 I thought I would be done with pharmacy school by 25 married by 26, and started my artistic career by 29. you couldn't tell me at 21 that at 27 I'd have just finished pharmacy school, and not in America but living in the UK, and that I'd loved every moment of it. I would have told you at the 21 year old, girl bye! lol! You are becoming more elegant and beautiful as the years go by. I'm scared to see you at 27! lol!

    1. lol Thank you.. :D

      The best thing is to be happy regardless of where you are in life..
      I am learning to take each day as it comes, each year as it comes.
      The most important thing is that you finished and not when you did


  3. Great thoughts...thanks for sharing!

  4. happy birthday in arrears. *sigh* i do need to work on myself relating to No. 2

  5. happy birthday!!

    Angela Donava

  6. Blessings.....
    hmmmmm, very insightful.
    You look beautiful in your dressings especially the mutli-color blue one.

  7. I am eating homemade chocolate and mint creme candy from a local Amish community...Thinking of you. Stay sweet.

  8. So beautiful! There's definitely some things I would like to have told my younger self. You've inspited me to write my own xx beautiful keep it up


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