Thursday, 23 February 2012

Brits Awards 2012: My Best Dressed

I love the early months of every new year, The award ceremonies usually quenches my appetite for fancy haute couture, elegant and extremely sexy evening gowns. Sadly I was very disappointed with the celebrity fashion at this years Brits awards. There were very few outfits that caught my attention in a good way unlike last 2011 Brits Awards.
Most of the time I was sitting in front of my television going; "what the heck is She wearing??"
Alexander Burkes, strangely constructed dress caught my eye, I sort of appreciated the whole Egyptian Goddess meets colour look, but unfortunately, that was not enough to make it to my best dressed.

My favourite look for this years Brits is Kylie Minogue in Yves Saint Laurent (YSL)
Her whole look defined elegance, neat and subtly constructed sexiness. She looked absolutely beautiful, and her soft but visible make-up elevated the whole look making it very glamourous without trying. 

My second Favourite was Nicole Scherzinger, she looked effortlessly beautiful, she has an amazing body and this lemon yellow low cut dress really caused her curves to be visible. The beaded detail in the dress made her very radiant, she look lovely.

I love this girl, I think Rihanna can pull of almost anything, I love the rock and roll twist to this elegant dress, but I think she could have done without the whole gloves..

Jessy J looked very beautiful, but I am not a fan of the half naked look.

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  1. i love love love Nicole's dress

  2. They all look lovely. I do like Nicole's dress the best though.

  3. Jessy's def a no no for me but i love Riri too. ilove Kylie's look d best too.
    So your mm thinks you "mod" lmao. Sure looks like you do and you seriously can too. You've got great style

  4. didn't really like riri's dress with the long drag queen-ish gloves lol, but i absolutely loved nicole's yellow beautiful :)

  5. I love the last one! follow u now, would u like follow each other :) ?
    If u can, visit:
    See ya!

  6. Blessings....
    Nicole's the best.

    have a great weekend.

  7. Great pics. I agree that Kylie is beautiful and of course Rihanna stayed true to her sexy/rocker persona!

  8. they look lovely, i like Jessie J's look the most!


  9. Great picks! Everyone looks gorgeous!


  10. amazing Rihanna's dress!!! I'm in love with it!!
    visit my blog on
    xoxo Marika


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