Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Open Diary: New Chapter In Life

Hello blogsville,

Though this my second post, since I returned from my two month absence from blog world. 
I decided to make a resolution, though it is mid year, I just finished University, *yay* I don't know my grades yet (remember me in your prayers) But its a new start.

A brand new chapter in my life, and I just cannot wait to start writing it. There is a mixture of emotions towards this, I am not sure if I should be happy, sad or both. So I choose both.

I am sad that I have finally grown up, I'm 21 so if I commit an offence it's adult prison they'll send me to, *not that I intend to commit and offence*   But I need to get a job, and starting paying my dues.
I am happy because, I can have a pause from education, I can get to know myself, I can meet new people, I can see life from a grown up perspective. 

I am sad because I thought by now I would know where I wanted to head to in life. But I just realise there is so much more to figure out than I anticipated from an early age. 
I do not want to get myself stuck in a hole, I wanna broaden my horizons, I want to have may options at my disposal in every aspect of my life.

This blog is going to remain memoir of my self discovery/enhancement. But it is going to be a more active one. I intend to have a lot more fun and stop conforming to people ideals of me. I am gonna show more wardrobe, lifestyle, fashion, personal (hopefully I will be brave enough to include emotional post - I have so much of those lol) But more importantly, its going to be ME and FUN. 

Most of you guys have been always here, and I want to thank you so much, like comments and support refrained me from quitting with blogsville. And I will try to do more youtube, though I hate it. 

Thank you for being part of the 'Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl' 



  1. Girl, welcome to adulthood. Looking 4ward to this :)

  2. congrats dear. so happy for you
    welcome to the real world

  3. This hairstyle is amazing! I´m sure you know - BUT I´m afraid of cutting my hair; chapeau <3

    x the cookies

  4. After several months, your blog address has finally updated on my blog list.


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