Thursday, 19 May 2011

This Summer ..What I got from H&M

I have assembled a collage of my recent H&M purchases. This is not exactly what I got, but they are similar to what I purchased. I did not post the exact items because they are part of my summer wardrobe. I am going away and I don't want to get there and people already know my entire wardrobe lol. I like to keep them guessing, surprising people. 

Anyway, my favourite will be the jump-suit, and the striped skirt. I made sure to pick cool colours, although there a bit more bright colours in my shopping basket, i still decided to keep the most part subtle. My favourite trend this year will have to be the floral, the closest I have here is the jump suit, but i must say I am loving the wedges and florals.

What trends you loving??

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. H&m is one of my fav brands!
    love the blazer!

  2. When I win I'll get you lots of H&M goodies :) x

  3. guutl, this post has succeeded in reminding me that my wardrobe is seriously lacking. Like i basically live on tees, shorts and skinny jeans. I need to go shopping for stylish clothes A.S.A.P.
    Have fun this summer, i trust u be killing them with your trendy style :)

  4. You must really love blue! ;)

    I'm loving lace (as always), nude colors, hats, socks, that stuff! ;)


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