Friday, 27 May 2011

Effortlessly Fabulous

I am never the one to condone laziness, but there comes a time in every individuals life where you just cannot be bothered. I sometimes just want to leave my house in my PJ (they are kind of cute). However I don't, instead I throw on some old jeans and a fresh white Tee. And out The door I go, simple casual and nobody can say anything. Because that look is universally accepted, for both male and female.

Its never out of trend, you can wear it during the winter with a warm jacket and some comfy boots, or just wear jeans and a vest top, or printed t-shirt with some sandals or pumps, instantly upgrading a casual shopping look for a fabulous dinner, or drinks outfit.

I own over 10 different types of t-shirts, so I'm seen in them quite a lot. The trick is to switch jeans for shorts or maybe a patterned skirt (if you wanna follow the pattern trend) 
I will say stay clear away from leggings/jeggings unless the white t-shirt covers your bum. Last summer I saw so atrocious sights, peoples arses jiggling everywhere in skimpy leggings, some which are sheer pantyhose. Do all of humanity a favour and stay away from jeggings unless they are thick enough to conceal your under garment (in or words your panties)

Others wore it this way

You probably have already tried this, so this was just a reminder. When you wear it, fix your hair and face, to up the casual into effortlessly fabulous.

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. im good on Beyonce and Halle over-hyped. But everyone does look nice though

  2. They are really faboulous!!! Especially Rihanna!!
    ps: thanks for have visited my blog!! I follow you

  3. Awww beyonce!! i Always smile when i see a pic of my Bee <3
    And i love white tees :)

  4. I heart a white T and jeans. it was my go to ensemble last year. lol

  5. simple n chic which is sometimes called for

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  7. Love your blog :D
    Super cute *.*
    I'm sooo in love with Rihanna style, absolutly amazing :D
    I'm following you, follow me back? :D


  8. haha yaa that's so crucial to have ur hair done n makeup fresh if you want to be super casual...or else ur just a scrub:P jkkk

  9. Your blog is lovely....cant wait for mosre posts!!! :)(IM A FOLLOWER NOW YAY!)

  10. Love this post and the advice, so practical.

    I love seeing celebs in "mockable" styles. I call it borrowing their stylist.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Great post! And I really like your blog!

  12. simplicity is golden. love them all. kanye is the best
    Lydz xX

  13. I am all about the first look on Beyonce.. Was this at Coachella? Seem something appropriate to wear to an event like that..

    All the best, Angel

  14. Notice how much sunglasses can change a look.. It's got to invest in a few more..
    Style by Stylifiq


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