Tuesday, 12 April 2011

M is for Moaning and I Shall Moan

So, hear this... I have four exams, with each exams I have to write four essays in three hours and I'm sitting here, in my bed, with no interest to do what I am suppose to do. REVISE

Have you ever had this experience before, when you know there is something you have to do but you just cannot get yourself to it.

I have been dreaming about how i want my future to be for so long that I am not working hard to achieve it. Now tell me does that make any sense.

I remember posting about, getting motivated again to hit the gym ( February Resolution) but I am slacking again. I just don't know why??...

I went to the gym on saturday, today is tuesday, I should be there this morning but I feel like I should be revising, which by the way I am not doing. My legs hurt from doing the weights and I am hungry lol.. Its only 9am as well.

I'm I the only one with exams, because it feels like it ???
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Any motivations??


  1. aww sowi girl. i cn totally relate to this. i am ALWAYS procrastinating lol. jst try to revise atleast :)


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