Monday, 11 April 2011

Fairly Legal

This show finally premiered on Universal Sky 113 in the UK last night, Sunday 10 April 2011.
I have been anxiously awaiting this for the past month and it seemed like the time could not go slower.

Kate Reed life, now that is how I see my life in 5 years time, well how I would love to see my self, of course minus or the lateness, the spiteful judge and ex-husband.

Busy day, everyday, from building to building, not any ordinary buildings, prestigious ones, full of lawyers, judges, mediators, arbitrators and all those other legal people.... or buildings full of editors, publishers, high fashion and beauty journalists, Imagine that, all that in Louboutin and nice designer outfits...

Starbucks would be my heaven, I hate coffee but I get a Starbuck latte most mornings because, Latte sounds fancy. So imagine, I think I will practice drinking black coffee (ew), whenever people have it, it seems like they have a long and full day ahead and they need that boost, I want that boost.

I suggest you guys watch it, I know its gonna be good.


  1. I've watched this show online and I really liked it. She is really funny.

  2. Wow, she's pretty!

  3. thanks for the lovely comment!

  4. she has a beautiful cheeckbone !

  5. hey both of you, thanx for the comment you gave me..I like your blog..especially a post about Nicki minaj!!!!just love her song titled moment 4 life!Keep it up girls..Im following both your blog & bloglovin..follow me?Love!

  6. nice blog! :) thanks for the comment... if you like, follow me...

  7. lol! u'r hilarious! u hate coffee but u take latte jst cos u like the sound of it..smh :p

  8. @KitKat I know, its embarrassing right lool


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