Monday, 15 November 2010

What I'm Wearing Today!

Although I said I would blog about every and anything I wear, I figured that would be a waste of my, and you the readers time. So... I decide to only blog about the outfits worth mentioning.

For example today, I look super duper cute!! *happyface*

I'm wearing knee high boots from Barrats with shorts(from a small clothing shop in enfield). Because is windy and cold I decided to pair it up with thick tights from Dorothy Perking.

Top wise I'm wearing an Asos casual blouse bought ancient ago. And a shirt from M&S also centuries old. And a leather jacket from Krisp plus a scarf from TopShop. *I'm super cossy*

With Jewellery, If it aint real, I'm not a fan but I love the recent accessories I've found in TopShop. *they are so super duper cute*. I'm waring a gold necklace with the slogan 'kiss me quickly'. Also wearing a bow tie ring and a solitary oval shape pearl ring on my right middle finger. This outfit is so super cute, it deserve to blogged about. I'll take a crappy picture with my blackberry.

1 comment:

  1. as you can see there aren't any pictures that is because i forgot and got changed when i got home. :D


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