Sunday, 25 September 2011

Open Diary: Take Your Own Advice

Who died and made me queen? I have no idea, but I am a princess, no a real princess, like really.
Not the fairy tale one, wearing white lace, silk and chiffon dresses, 

but like my Dad is a king. Don't believe me? suit yourself.
Revealing this because I am a know it all, uttering relationship advice like an expert. I have an opinion over everything. 

Recently, I got hit by a situation that if someone else had been in my shoes, I would have been so critical and brutally honest, would have told them about themselves and offered ropes to reconciliation.
But it wasn't like that, I was in the wrong and I knew it. Did a tortuous  act, selfish and very immoral. 
The craziest thing was that, I felt no remorse nor shame. I wanted to do something and I did it, but after a couple of days, my morality kicked in and had to confessed, which I did not want to do.
A good friend of mine, my ex-co-blogger Teesha and my cousin sat me down, in my room. It felt like a death conference.

One thing they said that got me spilling was, if someone else was in this position, what would you tell them to do. That was the time this princess had to take her own advice, tell him the truth. I did he forgave me and I couldn't be happier. 

Though it was shared between my trustful friends, I know that somewhere in my busy mind, I know the solutions to my problems. And hence forth, whenever I have a situation, I will sit myself down and analyse it, evaluate and conclude.  Because i believer that if you think hard enough, you will come up with the answer.  
What do you lot think? are there some situation where you'll need help from others in order to make a decision?

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. Blessings......
    Don't be so hard on yourself. I saw something perhaps you haven't and that is growth.

    You were responsible and accountable and being able to hold oneself accountable for ones crap is not an easy thing. It requires maturity and that my sister is what you showed hence the growth.


    be mindful that, "a man who thinks he knows everything knows nothing."

  2. glad u atleast sorte out the issue. When i have a problem, i mostly try to get myself out of it by myself. That's cos my family isnt with me right now and for the most part, i dnt feel like there's someone i can truly confide in at this point.
    If the problem is minor, ofcourse there are a couple of friends i can ask for advice to take into consideration :)

  3. Introspection has never harmed anyone. At least not me.

  4. I think that I do solicit advice from others but I ultimately end up making my own decision. Usually their advice just supports or disputes what I've already made up my mind about. . .

    . . .unless of course it's about, like, an outfit choice I can't decide on. If I'm really stumped, I take their advice.

  5. hmn, i'll like to say i take my advice all the time but there r times u need some1 else to point it out

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