Saturday, 25 June 2011

Open Diary: Sun is Out, so are the Feets

I am not going to show any nasty feet pictures. but I will talk about them, in graphic language.
Disclaimer: This is not for the faint hearted. so please ignore the following paragraph

One thing i hate about summer, is the toes that come out with it. At the age of nine, when I escaped from the heat wave in Western Africa, Ghana, I thought I would never have to witness a crusty toe again. But England is worst with the toe epidemic. 
Oh My, on London tube, is the worst. The victoria line, Piccadilly, aye the Central .... all you see is, crusty bunion toes with broken yellow nails, some of them look like some type of toe fungus is growing on them. And then they got cracked heels ( i keep flinging whiles writing this), They got cracked battered heels. Oh MY days... that just add insult to injury, because they have the nerve to wear flip flops. So they are showing both, the crusty toes and then the cracked up heels.
And the worst is the dry skin, dry no moisturised skin. Its like how cheap is a moisturiser, especially if they are sporting something expensive.
(shame on you, if you have walked out of your house in flip flops without moisturising your feet)

I think everybody should moisturise their skin, not only does it enhance the appearance of your skin, but it also reduces wrinkles and help your skin looks younger for old age. It firms your skin, and makes it youthful for longer, ask any expert. 

Especially your feet, take care of it, please, pedicure every ones in a while won't kill you. But If you are on a budget, do it your self. it is not hard. Get a foot scrub and scrub that dead skin off. Get a nail clipper and trim those nails, then file it. Get a nice nail polish, bright colours are good on your toes, they take the attention of those crusty bunions. Or go for french manicure, the look so much  more better. I prefer blue nail polish on my toes, the colour suit my skin.

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl 


  1. Oooops guilty me!Haha, Ok! Ok! I will ma'am! (moisturizing i mean)

    But I make sure my nails are always done :)

  2. I hear ya!!! I hate to see crusty hooves too. I'm a man and yet I'll go and get the occassional pedicure because I like sandals too. During my life I've seen absolutely beautiful women with jacked up hooves and that's a total turn off. If anyone out there wants to show their feet, they should at least have the common decency to see to it that's they're tight first.

  3. I like your blog....very good

    I follow you,hope you follow back^^

  4. LOL!!! Epidemic indeed lol. But good one! I totally feel you. Pedicures are a must

    The Corner Shop

  5. Yes, pedicures are a must must must!

  6. sooo true and disgusting!! i can not stand when people don't take care of their feet!

  7. Hello lady! Lovely blog!! I had to chuckle when I read this post, I host a radio show and this was one of the topics I addressed to both MALES and FEMALES a couple weeks ago! lol. Awesome blog, definitely worth a follow!


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