Thursday, 2 June 2011

Open Diary: Definition In a Suit

It might be just me, but a guy in a suit always looks like 10 times better than they usually do. Like I said it might be just me. A suit does not make a man, but it sure lets a boy look like a man. I think all these men are super handsome and totally delicious lol... 

Why did I draft this post, I have absolutely no idea, bored in my bed and it came to me, I got a soft spot for a man in a suit. 

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. a nice tailored suit (no off-the-rack suits, abeg) can make a man look 1000 times better than normal street clothes lol. I love a man that knows how to dress. I did a whole post about it but it has since disappeared :( Maybe i'll do one again in the future

  2. lol i can't wait to read your post on that. I will go through your archives. x

  3. all of my favorite leading men except Usher..ugg.

  4. love guys in suits great photos!

  5. two thumbs up babe! :)
    i totally agree with yah

    imma follow u. follow me back if u like mah blog..

  6. haha, they most definitely look hot in suits! :)

    P.S. love your blog. It's interesting. :) new follower! ;)


  7. Mmmm yes! Love a man in a nice taylored suit!

  8. thanks for the follow! :)
    can't wait to read more posts owkies?

    POP! :)

  9. cool blog i loved it
    i followed your blog plzz follow mine

  10. lot of choice lol love their look !


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