Monday, 18 April 2011

Accentuation, Embracing A New Love

Like most black folks that I know, the idea of sushi used was appalling to me. Fancying the lifestyle of these glamourous, cappuccino and latte drinking fashionista's I have to be open to new ideas, this means trying out new things, including raw fishes.
It seem disgusting to me at first, but they are decorated so pretty and look yummy. I tried sushi a year ago but never got the whole gist of it.
I must say however that, I absolutely adore it now, I am a fish lover, cooked, grilled or fried fish lover. But now, cold rice and raw fish has captured my heart.

Not enough to get it permanently inked on my skin, but hey!

All images via we heart it

What food do you love?

Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. haha love sushi but the tat is a liittle tooo over the top. Im a picky eater so i only eat what i feel like in the moment
    Lydz xX

  2. That tattoo is amazing, beautiful color.

  3. nice! I love it when people are open to trying new things :3

    Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving me such a nice comment! <3

  4. lool @ the tattoo.. crazy much??
    I've never eaten sushi but i dnt think i'll like it. The thought of eating fish raw gives me goosebumps lol.
    My favorite foods are mostly nigerian meals.

  5. Hey!! I belong the the state of kerala its located at the southrn part of India... we do eat a lot of fish and rice... and all sorts of Indian delicacies. I do not experiment with food at all. But this definitely looks yummy... but the thought of raw fish just stops me ... but will try.. one of my resolutions this year is experimenting with food.. :P

    .. thanx for stopping by... and glad you liked my post...

  6. love the sushi rolls

    your newest follower here :)

  7. hi
    Thank you by sight
    I'm following you, too!

    I am fascinated by Japanese cuisine. I love sushi, sashimi, etc. temaki
    I was enchanted by the sight of pictures of this post! lol

    Sorry, i do not speak the English


  8. Super lovely blog!


  9. what a great blog! you are so inspirational! if you get the chance, i would love for you to check out mine and give me some of your opinions! :) it would be greatly apprieciated. :)
    follow me?

  10. i love sushi! omg all the pics made me hungry :) thanks for commenting and visiting my blog! following you!

  11. I love sushi! now i'm really hungry :D
    There's a Giveaway on my blog, participate if you want to :)

  12. MMMMMMMMMM I'm so hungry right now! Love sushi!!!

  13. me and sushi...very very close. me and sashimi...not so much

  14. Ohh I really like sushis too , that so deliciouuuus !!


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