Monday, 28 March 2011

Revision Time

Chizy  from Chizy's Spyware said to me yesterday;

"to dream babes means to stay asleep, n to afford a car u need to work, n to work means being awake.
well, we'll all get there someday"

Well I am wide awake today,  trying to work hard so I can get a good job and get the car I want.
I have University, but I do not think I am going in. I have lectures but I can watch them online and if I go in, I know I will not study, so I am staying home, with a pile of books, and I am gonna start my revision. At this moment I am going to make a revision timetable so that I will still have time to blog.

How is your Monday morning?
Hope you all have an excellent week.

Diary of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. well
    actually my monday morning's great, though i don't say that a lot :)
    got some great grates back, really happy, mostly about my physics. Hate it, but it's okay now :)
    It was all fun and just had a great time
    never thought i'd ever say that

    XX I.

  2. lool mondays are full of surprises, glad you are having a great day. x

  3. Everything is ok thanks,
    spring is back and I feel gooddddd
    Good luck for revision and exams! Try to be strong :)

  4. Hello beauty! It's a very elegant outfit! I just love your blog.

    Kisses and hugs

    Michelle fashion designer from Brazil :)

    If you want we can follow each other, if u follow me I'll follow you back.


  5. Hi, sorry for the wrong message, I'd post it at another post.

  6. thx for tagging me, ur a sweet heart xx


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