Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Lent out the window...

A lot of people saw this coming,  I broke my Lent.. Friday 18th March... I really wanted to keep it up.
Its all my mums fault really... I followed her shopping and I ended up getting 5different jumpers. After I had payed for the items and gone out the shop, I remembered.. I feel so bad, but I shall take pictures in due time showing what I bought..

Also today...Wednesday 23 March.. I went out with my mum to do food shopping... I ended up buying a pair of heels.. they are so stunning. and would have look great with the dress I wanted to wear last week. [read it here]
image source


  1. I have never managed to give anything up for lent i always forget :L x

  2. auuw u tried lol... cant wait to c d pics anyway


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