Monday, 8 November 2010

Let's Talk About... Ms Keri Hilson

I love Keri Hilson (no homo - I know saying no homo is so super homo) *laugh*out*loud*. I am aware that there are those super loyal fans, who where probably supporting her long before 'turning me on'.
I believe as long you hop on the train when it make a stop, and stay on it for the ride, through the ups and down, you two can become a loyal fan. Like I am now. :D *grin*

I heard and saw video of songs she had been featured on, my favourite was 'Superhuman' with Chris Brown.
But when I heard turning me on, I was like omg... I love her *smiles*. And I have ever since.

What do I love about Ms. Keri, I lover her style, her hair, her nails, her shoes, her swag... My mother said when you like a person, you support whatever they do.
And ohw I love her new single, 'Breaking Point' its so amazing. In all her video's I think she always does something different with her style, its always fun yet elegant and very stylish even when she's wearing sneakers.

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