Friday, 22 April 2011

RIO - Mini Review

"I'm unwashable/Unrinseable/Like an abandoned school I have no principal."

I saw this Film on wednesday with my little brothers and it was hilarious. Quite sad too, its an eye opener, the story of love between two birdies. It is so cute, Love will over turn ones deepest fear, In this case, love allowed Blu to overcome his fear of flying. Definitely will recommend this for anybody with little siblings. Or if you are like me, you use them as an excuse to watch the film you want to watch.:
Negative comment, the 3D is rubbish, not worth it, might as well watch it in 2D. Either than that,  a great film, good story line, some very funny moments, sweet and inspirational moment. Promotes love, friendship, and care.

Had to Give this review before I went MIA lol..


Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl


  1. lol i wanna watch it!!!..haha

  2. i really want to see this movie!

    i'm sorry that i'm bothering you, hope you don't mind, but i have a question:

    I have a white background too, but there's a shadow.. (weetjewel om alles heen, kijk maar) I've tried everything, but can't lose them...
    thank you already

  3. I want to see "Hop", I'm curiouse.

  4. Looks like a cute movie. I wanna go see this!

  5. I LOVE RIO! I've seen like 20 times already :]


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