Saturday, 10 March 2012

Look Diary: One Lady-Like Sunday

I have not done one of this in a while..
I really had no intention to do one but the pictures came out so pretty I just had to :)

Dress : Next
Blazer: New Look
Shoes: Asos

Location: Church

Photograph by Amos Niamke

With this look I went for a 50's look, my hair was curly, at the front, it was big and very full, and you all know, I'm growing my shaved side, so that part was brushed down. *save the planet* but I had to put lots of hair spray to keep my curls from falling, but Nameste sleek shine kept it glossy.

My face I wore Match Master Foundation by Mac, colour 8.0
My lips I wore Gypsy my ELF
I used Rimmel "exaggerate lipliner in some brown colour", My eyebrows were filled in with Sleek brown brow pencil and some gray from Ghosh
I wore Torid busher by NARS and Fashion Fair "golden lights' beauty highlighter.

BTW I want to thank Rhapsody B for awarding me with 
I feel so loved and special... blogging is worthwhile because of people who show their appreciation and encourage each other, I am so glad to be part of your world x.
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 Thanks to Ms Infamous as well for nominating me for another versatile awards x


Diary Of A Shallow Black Girl 


  1. Congrats on both awards. Well deserved :)

  2. Bydway, lmao @ mugshot. If only dey always looked dis nice

  3. Great outfit...Loving the mugshot pic :))


  4. hiya great blog really nice reading content, you look very familiar? im from the uk/london and i used to go to YCTV did you ever attend YCTV? so sorry if you didn't but you remind me of a girl that used to go there!

    great post btw and congratulations on the award



    1. thank you alot love, i checked out your blog, but i couldn't leave a comment... searched but couldn't find the box :( but nope I never attended it :( it sounds interesting though xx

  5. I really like the lipstick. I'm going to try that! :)

  6. Beautiful combo sweetie!
    Thanks so much for stopping by, would you like to follow each other?

  7. Beautiful Outfti! Love your Blazer;)

  8. Beautiful outfit !


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